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English adjective: constant

1. constant unvarying in nature

SamplesMaintained a constant temperature.
Principles of unvarying validity.

Synonymschangeless, invariant, unvarying



2. constant steadfast in purpose or devotion or affection

SamplesA man constant in adherence to his ideals.
A constant lover.
Constant as the northern star.

Similarstaunch, steadfast, unfailing, unflagging, unswerving

See alsofaithful, invariable, stable, unchangeable

Attributeconstancy, stability


3. constant uninterrupted in time and indefinitely long continuing

SamplesThe ceaseless thunder of surf.
In constant pain.
Night and day we live with the incessant noise of the city.
The never-ending search for happiness.
The perpetual struggle to maintain standards in a democracy.
Man's unceasing warfare with drought and isolation.
Unremitting demands of hunger.

Synonymsceaseless, incessant, never-ending, perpetual, unceasing, unremitting

Similarcontinuous, uninterrupted

Antonymsnoncontinuous, discontinuous

English noun: constant

1. constant (cognition) a quantity that does not vary

Synonymsconstant quantity, invariable

Broader (hypernym)quantity

Narrower (hyponym)parameter, parametric quantity

2. constant (quantity) a number representing a quantity assumed to have a fixed value in a specified mathematical context

SamplesThe velocity of light is a constant.

Broader (hypernym)number

Narrower (hyponym)Avogadro number, Avogadro's number, Boltzmann's constant, c, coefficient, constant of gravitation, constant of proportionality, cosmological constant, equilibrium constant, factor of proportionality, G, gas constant, gravitational constant, Hubble constant, Hubble parameter, Hubble's constant, Hubble's parameter, ionic charge, light speed, R, speed of light, universal gas constant, universal gravitational constant

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