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English adjective: particular

1. particular unique or specific to a person or thing or category

SamplesThe particular demands of the job.
Has a particular preference for Chinese art.
A peculiar bond of sympathy between them.
An expression peculiar to Canadians.
Rights peculiar to the rich.
The special features of a computer.
My own special chair.

Synonymspeculiar, special


Antonymsgeneral, nonspecific

2. particular separate and distinct from others of the same group or category

SamplesInterested in one particular artist.
A man who wishes to make a particular woman fall in love with him.


Antonymsgeneral, nonspecific

3. particular surpassing what is common or usual or expected

SamplesHe paid especial attention to her.
Exceptional kindness.
A matter of particular and unusual importance.
A special occasion.
A special reason to confide in her.
What's so special about the year 2000?.

Synonymsespecial, exceptional, special



4. particular first and most important

SamplesHis special interest is music.
She gets special (or particular) satisfaction from her volunteer work.




5. particular exacting especially about details

SamplesA finicky eater.
Fussy about clothes.
Very particular about how her food was prepared.

Synonymsfinical, finicky, fussy, picky



6. particular providing specific details or circumstances

SamplesA particular description of the room.



English noun: particular

1. particular (cognition) a fact about some part (as opposed to general)

SamplesHe always reasons from the particular to the general.


Broader (hypernym)fact


2. particular a small part that can be considered separately from the whole

SamplesIt was perfect in all details.

Synonymsdetail, item

Broader (hypernym)component, component part, constituent, part, portion

Narrower (hyponym)high spot, highlight

3. particular (communication) (logic) a proposition that asserts something about some (but not all) members of a class

Synonymsparticular proposition

Broader (hypernym)proposition

Domain categorylogic

Antonymsuniversal proposition, universal

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