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English noun: item

1. item (communication) a distinct part that can be specified separately in a group of things that could be enumerated on a list

SamplesHe noticed an item in the New York Times.
She had several items on her shopping list.
The main point on the agenda was taken up first.


Broader (hypernym)component, component part, constituent, part, portion

Narrower (hyponym)agenda item, incidental, inventory item, line item, news item, place, position

Part meronymlist, listing

2. item a small part that can be considered separately from the whole

SamplesIt was perfect in all details.

Synonymsdetail, particular

Broader (hypernym)component, component part, constituent, part, portion

Narrower (hyponym)high spot, highlight

3. item (artifact) a whole individual unit; especially when included in a list or collection

SamplesThey reduced the price on many items.

Broader (hypernym)unit, whole

Narrower (hyponym)custom-built, custom-made, disposable, piece

4. item (cognition) an isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole

SamplesSeveral of the details are similar.
A point of information.

Synonymsdetail, point

Broader (hypernym)fact

Narrower (hyponym)minutia, nook and cranny, nooks and crannies, regard, respect, sticking point, technicality, trifle, triviality

5. item (communication) an individual instance of a type of symbol

SamplesThe word`error' contains three tokens of `r'.


Broader (hypernym)symbol

Narrower (hyponym)postage, postage stamp, stamp, trading stamp

English adverb: item

1. item (used when listing or enumerating items) also

SamplesA length of chain, item a hook.

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