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English adjective: uncertain

1. uncertain lacking or indicating lack of confidence or assurance

SamplesUncertain of his convictions.
Unsure of himself and his future.
Moving with uncertain (or unsure) steps.
An uncertain smile.
Touched the ornaments with uncertain fingers.

Synonymsincertain, unsure

Similarambivalent, doubtful, dubious, groping

Attributeassurance, authority, certainty, confidence, self-assurance, self-confidence, sureness

Antonymssure, certain

2. uncertain not established beyond doubt; still undecided or unknown

SamplesAn uncertain future.
A manuscript of uncertain origin.
Plans are still uncertain.
Changes of great if uncertain consequences.
Without further evidence his story must remain uncertain.

Similarindefinite, up in the air

See alsoindeterminate, undetermined

Attributecertainty, foregone conclusion, sure thing


3. uncertain not established or confirmed

SamplesHis doom is as yet unsealed.


Antonymssealed, certain

4. uncertain not certain to occur; not inevitable

SamplesEverything is uncertain about the army.
The issue is uncertain.

Similarchancy, contingent, flukey, fluky, iffy, up in the air

See alsounpredictable

Antonymssure, certain

5. uncertain subject to change

SamplesA changeable climate.
The weather is uncertain.
Unsettled weather with rain and hail and sunshine coming one right after the other.

Synonymschangeable, unsettled



6. uncertain not consistent or dependable

SamplesAn uncertain recollection of events.
A gun with a rather uncertain trigger.

Similarundependable, unreliable

Antonymsdependable, reliable

7. uncertain ambiguous (especially in the negative)

SamplesShe spoke in no uncertain terms.



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