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English adjective: indeterminate

1. indeterminate not precisely determined or established; not fixed or known in advance

SamplesOf indeterminate age.
A zillion is a large indeterminate number.
An indeterminate point of law.
The influence of environment is indeterminate.
An indeterminate future.


Similarcost-plus, open-ended

See alsoinconclusive, indeterminable, uncertain, undeterminable


2. indeterminate having a capacity for continuing to grow at the apex

SamplesAn indeterminate stem.


Domain categorybotany, phytology


3. indeterminate of uncertain or ambiguous nature

SamplesThe equivocal (or indeterminate) objects painted by surrealists.

Similarambiguous, equivocal

Antonymsunequivocal, univocal, unambiguous

4. indeterminate not capable of being determined

SamplesThe indeterminate number of plant species in the jungle.

Similarindeterminable, undeterminable


5. indeterminate not leading to a definite ending or result

SamplesAn indeterminate campaign.



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