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English noun: heath

1. heath (plant) a low evergreen shrub of the family Ericaceae; has small bell-shaped pink or purple flowers

Broader (hypernym)bush, shrub

Narrower (hyponym)Brewer's mountain heather, broom, Bruckenthalia spiculifolia, Bryanthus taxifolius, Calluna vulgaris, Cassiope mertensiana, Connemara heath, Daboecia cantabrica, erica, heather, ling, mountain heath, Phyllodoce breweri, Phyllodoce caerulea, purple heather, Scots heather, spike heath, St. Dabeoc's heath, true heath, white heather

Member meronymEricaceae, family Ericaceae, heath family

2. heath (location) a tract of level wasteland; uncultivated land with sandy soil and scrubby vegetation


Broader (hypernym)barren, waste, wasteland

Domain regionBritain, Great Britain, U.K., UK, United Kingdom, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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