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English adjective: barren

1. barren providing no shelter or sustenance

SamplesBare rocky hills.
Barren lands.
The bleak treeless regions of the high Andes.
The desolate surface of the moon.
A stark landscape.

Synonymsbare, bleak, desolate, stark



2. barren not bearing offspring

SamplesA barren woman.
Learned early in his marriage that he was sterile.

Similarinfertile, sterile, unfertile


3. barren completely wanting or lacking

SamplesWriting barren of insight.
Young recruits destitute of experience.
Innocent of literary merit.
The sentence was devoid of meaning.

Synonymsdestitute, devoid, free, innocent


Antonymsexistent, existing

English noun: barren

1. barren (location) an uninhabited wilderness that is worthless for cultivation

SamplesThe barrens of central Africa.
The trackless wastes of the desert.

Synonymswaste, wasteland

Broader (hypernym)wild, wilderness

Narrower (hyponym)heath, heathland

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