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English noun: Ericaceae

1. Ericaceae (plant) heathers

Synonymsfamily Ericaceae, heath family

Broader (hypernym)dilleniid dicot family, Ericales, order Ericales

Member holonymArctostaphylos, Bruckenthalia, Calluna, Cassiope, Chamaedaphne, Daboecia, Epigaea, Gaultheria, Gaylussacia, genus Andromeda, genus Arbutus, genus Arctostaphylos, genus Bruckenthalia, genus Bryanthus, genus Calluna, genus Cassiope, genus Chamaedaphne, genus Daboecia, genus Epigaea, genus Erica, genus Gaultheria, genus Gaylussacia, genus Kalmia, genus Ledum, genus Leiophyllum, genus Leucothoe, genus Loiseleuria, genus Lyonia, genus Menziesia, genus Oxydendrum, genus Phyllodoce, genus Pieris, genus Rhododendron, genus Vaccinium, heath, Ledum, Leiophyllum, Loiseleuria, Lyonia, Menziesia, Oxydendrum, Phyllodoce, Pieris, Vaccinium

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