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English noun: vexation

1. vexation (feeling) anger produced by some annoying irritation

Synonymsannoyance, chafe

Broader (hypernym)anger, choler, ire

Narrower (hyponym)aggravation, displeasure, exasperation, frustration, harassment, irritation, pique, temper, torment

2. vexation (state) the psychological state of being irritated or annoyed

Synonymsannoyance, botheration, irritation

Broader (hypernym)mental condition, mental state, psychological condition, psychological state

Narrower (hyponym)bummer, huff, impatience, miff, pinprick, restlessness, seeing red, snit

3. vexation (cognition) something or someone that causes anxiety; a source of unhappiness

SamplesNew York traffic is a constant concern.
It's a major worry.

Synonymsconcern, headache, worry

Broader (hypernym)negative stimulus

Narrower (hyponym)bugaboo, burden, business, encumbrance, incumbrance, load, onus

4. vexation (act) the act of troubling or annoying someone

Synonymsannoyance, annoying, irritation

Broader (hypernym)mistreatment

Narrower (hyponym)exasperation, red flag

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