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English noun: matter

1. matter (cognition) a vaguely specified concern

SamplesSeveral matters to attend to.
It is none of your affair.
Things are going well.

Synonymsaffair, thing

Broader (hypernym)concern

Narrower (hyponym)least

2. matter (cognition) some situation or event that is thought about

SamplesHe kept drifting off the topic.
He had been thinking about the subject for several years.
It is a matter for the police.

Synonymsissue, subject, topic

Broader (hypernym)cognitive content, content, mental object

Narrower (hyponym)area, blind spot, remit, res adjudicata, res judicata

3. matter that which has mass and occupies space

SamplesPhysicists study both the nature of matter and the forces which govern it.

Broader (hypernym)physical entity

Narrower (hyponym)antimatter, dark matter, deposit, emanation, fluid, glop, goo, gook, goop, guck, gunk, muck, ooze, residue, sediment, slime, sludge, solid, solute, substance, substance, system, vegetable matter, ylem

4. matter (cognition) a problem

SamplesIs anything the matter?.

Broader (hypernym)problem, trouble

5. matter (attribute) (used with negation) having consequence

SamplesThey were friends and it was no matter who won the games.

Broader (hypernym)consequence, import, moment

6. matter (communication) written works (especially in books or magazines)

SamplesHe always took some reading matter with him on the plane.

Broader (hypernym)piece of writing, writing, written material

Narrower (hyponym)addendum, back matter, dictation, end matter, front matter, hard copy, postscript, prelims, recitation, soft copy, supplement, text, text, textual matter, typescript

English verb: matter

1. matter (stative) have weight; have import, carry weight

SamplesIt does not matter much.

Synonymscount, weigh

Pattern of useSomething ----s.
It ----s that CLAUSE

Broader (hypernym)be

Narrower (hyponym)press, weigh

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