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English noun: affair

1. affair (cognition) a vaguely specified concern

SamplesSeveral matters to attend to.
It is none of your affair.
Things are going well.

Synonymsmatter, thing

Broader (hypernym)concern

Narrower (hyponym)least

2. affair (state) a usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship

Synonymsaffaire, amour, intimacy, involvement, liaison

Broader (hypernym)sexual relationship

3. affair (event) a vaguely specified social event

SamplesThe party was quite an affair.
An occasion arranged to honor the president.
A seemingly endless round of social functions.

Synonymsfunction, occasion, social function, social occasion

Broader (hypernym)social event

Narrower (hyponym)celebration, ceremonial, ceremonial occasion, ceremony, fundraiser, jubilation, observance, party, photo op, photo opportunity, sleepover

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