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English noun: gift

1. gift (possession) something acquired without compensation

Broader (hypernym)acquisition

Narrower (hyponym)aid, award, bequest, bestowal, bestowment, bride price, contribution, devise, donation, dower, dowery, dowry, economic aid, enrichment, financial aid, free lunch, freebee, freebie, gift horse, giveaway, lagniappe, largess, largesse, legacy, portion, present, prize

2. gift (cognition) natural abilities or qualities

Synonymsendowment, natural endowment, talent

Broader (hypernym)natural ability

Narrower (hyponym)bent, flair, genius, hang, knack, raw talent

3. gift (act) the act of giving


Broader (hypernym)share-out, sharing

Narrower (hyponym)accordance, accordance of rights, alms-giving, almsgiving, bestowal, bestowment, charity, conferment, conferral, contribution, donation, endowment, oblation, offering

English verb: gift

1. gift (social) give qualities or abilities to

Synonymsempower, endow, endue, indue, invest

Pattern of useSomebody ----s somebody with something

Broader (hypernym)enable

Narrower (hyponym)cover

2. gift (possession) give as a present; make a gift of

SamplesWhat will you give her for her birthday?.

Synonymsgive, present

Pattern of useSomebody ----s somebody something.
Somebody ----s something to somebody

Narrower (hyponym)bequeath, bung, cede, deed over, deliver, distribute, donate, dower, endow, fee, give away, give out, give up, grant, hand out, leave, pass out, raffle, raffle off, render, submit, surrender, tender, tip, treat, will

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