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English noun: acquisition

1. acquisition (act) the act of contracting or assuming or acquiring possession of something

SamplesThe acquisition of wealth.
The acquisition of one company by another.

Broader (hypernym)acquiring, getting

Narrower (hyponym)acceptance, annexation, assumption, buyout, heritage, incurring, inheritance, laying claim, moneymaking, pork-barreling, procural, procurance, procurement, purchase, regaining, restitution, restoration, return, succession, taking over

2. acquisition (possession) something acquired

SamplesA recent acquisition by the museum.

Broader (hypernym)transferred possession, transferred property

Narrower (hyponym)accession, addition, gift, purchase

3. acquisition (cognition) the cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge

SamplesThe child's acquisition of language.


Broader (hypernym)basic cognitive process

Narrower (hyponym)carry-over, committal to memory, conditioning, developmental learning, digestion, education, imprinting, incorporation, internalisation, internalization, language learning, memorisation, memorization, study, transfer, transfer of training, work

4. acquisition (cognition) an ability that has been acquired by training

Synonymsaccomplishment, acquirement, attainment, skill

Broader (hypernym)ability, power

Narrower (hyponym)craft, craftsmanship, horsemanship, literacy, marksmanship, mastership, mixology, numeracy, oarsmanship, salesmanship, seamanship, showmanship, soldiering, soldiership, swordsmanship, workmanship

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