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English adjective: coloured

1. coloured having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination

SamplesColored crepe paper.
The film was in color.
Amber-colored heads of grain.

Synonymscolored, colorful

Similarbay, bichrome, bicolor, bicolored, bicolour, bicoloured, black, blackened, blue-flowered, brightly-colored, brightly-coloured, buff-colored, buff-coloured, calico, chestnut-colored, chestnut-coloured, chocolate-colored, chocolate-coloured, cinnamon colored, cinnamon coloured, cinnamon-colored, cinnamon-coloured, cinnamon-red, cream-colored, creamy-colored, creamy-white, crimson, dark-colored, dark-coloured, dichromatic, dun-colored, dun-coloured, dusky-colored, dusky-coloured, fawn-colored, fawn-coloured, flame-colored, flame-coloured, flesh-colored, flesh-coloured, flushed, garnet-colored, garnet-coloured, ginger, gingery, gold-colored, gold-coloured, honey-colored, honey-coloured, indigo, lead-colored, lead-coloured, liver, liver-colored, metal-colored, metal-coloured, metallic-colored, metallic-coloured, monochromatic, monochrome, monochromic, monochromous, motley, multi-color, multi-colored, multi-colour, multi-coloured, multicolor, multicolored, multicolour, multicoloured, neutral-colored, neutral-coloured, olive-colored, olive-coloured, orange-colored, orange-coloured, orange-flowered, orange-hued, painted, pale-colored, pale-hued, particolored, particoloured, pastel-colored, peach-colored, piebald, pied, polychromatic, polychrome, polychromic, purple-flowered, red, red-faced, red-flowered, reddened, roan, rose-colored, rosy-colored, rust-colored, silver-colored, straw-colored, straw-coloured, tawny-colored, tawny-coloured, trichromatic, trichrome, tricolor, varicolored, varicoloured, violet-colored, violet-coloured, violet-flowered, violet-purple

Attributecolor, coloring, colour, colouring

Antonymsuncolored, uncoloured

2. coloured favoring one person or side over another

SamplesA biased account of the trial.
A decision that was partial to the defendant.

Synonymsbiased, colored, one-sided, slanted



3. coloured (used of color) artificially produced; not natural

SamplesA bleached blonde.

Synonymsbleached, colored, dyed

Similarartificial, unreal


4. coloured having skin rich in melanin pigments

SamplesNational Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
Dark-skinned peoples.

Synonymscolored, dark, dark-skinned, non-white



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