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English adjective: motley

1. motley consisting of a haphazard assortment of different kinds

SamplesAn arrangement of assorted spring flowers.
Assorted sizes.
Miscellaneous accessories.
A mixed program of baroque and contemporary music.
A motley crew.
Sundry sciences commonly known as social.

Synonymsassorted, miscellaneous, mixed, sundry

Similarheterogeneous, heterogenous

Antonymshomogeneous, homogenous

2. motley having sections or patches colored differently and usually brightly

SamplesA jester dressed in motley.
The painted desert.
A particolored dress.
A piebald horse.
Pied daisies.

Synonymscalico, multi-color, multi-colored, multi-colour, multi-coloured, multicolor, multicolored, multicolour, multicoloured, painted, particolored, particoloured, piebald, pied, varicolored, varicoloured

Similarcolored, colorful, coloured

Antonymsuncolored, uncoloured

English noun: motley

1. motley (group) a collection containing a variety of sorts of things

SamplesA great assortment of cars was on display.
He had a variety of disorders.
A veritable smorgasbord of religions.

Synonymsassortment, miscellanea, miscellany, mixed bag, mixture, potpourri, salmagundi, smorgasbord, variety

Broader (hypernym)accumulation, aggregation, assemblage, collection

Narrower (hyponym)alphabet soup, farrago, gallimaufry, grab bag, hodgepodge, hotchpotch, melange, mingle-mangle, mishmash, oddments, odds and ends, omnium-gatherum, ragbag, range, sampler, selection, witch's brew, witches' brew, witches' broth

2. motley (artifact) a garment made of motley (especially a court jester's costume)

Broader (hypernym)garment

Substance holonymmotley

3. motley (artifact) a multicolored woolen fabric woven of mixed threads in 14th to 17th century England

Broader (hypernym)cloth, fabric, material, textile

Substance meronymmotley

English verb: motley

1. motley (change) make something more diverse and varied

SamplesVary the menu.

Synonymsvariegate, vary

Pattern of useSomebody ----s something

Broader (hypernym)diversify

Narrower (hyponym)checker, chequer

2. motley (change) make motley; color with different colors


Pattern of useSomebody ----s something.
Something ----s something

Broader (hypernym)color, color in, colorise, colorize, colour, colour in, colourise, colourize

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