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English noun: geology

1. geology (cognition) a science that deals with the history of the earth as recorded in rocks

Broader (hypernym)earth science

Narrower (hyponym)economic geology, geophysical science, geophysics, hypsography, mineralogy, orography, orology, palaeogeology, paleogeology, spelaeology, speleology, stratigraphy

Domain category membersaccretion, anaclinal, anticlinal, aqueous, archaean, archaeozoic, archean, archeozoic, azoic, batholithic, batholitic, bed, bedded, break, cataclinal, changed, clast, clastic, clastic rock, crustal movement, deflation, diapir, eating away, endogenetic, endogenic, eroding, erosion, eruptive, esker, exceedance, extrusive, fault, fault line, faulting, foliation, formation, fracture, geologic process, geological fault, geological formation, geological phenomenon, geological process, geomorphologic, geomorphological, Great Rift Valley, groundmass, heave, hoodoo, igneous, incumbent, interstratify, intrusive, isostasy, kettle, kettle hole, matrix, Mercalli scale, Moho, Mohorovicic discontinuity, moment magnitude scale, monoclinal, morphologic, morphological, peneplain, peneplane, principle of superposition, proterozoic, Richter scale, saltation, scablands, sedimentary, shift, shingling, sill, slide, stratified, stratify, structural, superposition, superposition, superposition principle, synclinal, tectonic, tectonic movement, thrust, unstratified, upheaval, uplift, upthrow, upthrust, wearing, wearing away, xenolith

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