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English adjective: flowing

1. flowing designed or arranged to offer the least resistant to fluid flow

SamplesA streamlined convertible.

Synonymsaerodynamic, sleek, streamlined


Antonymsrough, unsmooth

English noun: flowing

1. flowing (event) the motion characteristic of fluids (liquids or gases)


Broader (hypernym)change of location, travel

Narrower (hyponym)air flow, airflow, backflow, backflowing, current, discharge, dribble, drip, drippage, dripping, ebb, emission, flow of air, flush, flux, fluxion, fountain, freshet, gush, jet, ooze, oozing, outpouring, outpouring, overflow, overspill, reflux, run, runoff, rush, seepage, spate, spate, stream, surge, trickle, upsurge

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