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English adjective: patrician

1. patrician befitting a person of noble origin

SamplesA patrician nose.



2. patrician belonging to or characteristic of the nobility or aristocracy

SamplesAn aristocratic family.
Aristocratic Bostonians.
Aristocratic government.
A blue family.
Blue blood.
The blue-blooded aristocracy.
Of gentle blood.
Patrician landholders of the American South.
Aristocratic bearing.
Aristocratic features.
Patrician tastes.

Synonymsaristocratic, aristocratical, blue, blue-blooded, gentle



English noun: patrician

1. patrician (person) a person of refined upbringing and manners

Broader (hypernym)adult, grownup

2. patrician (person) a member of the aristocracy

Synonymsaristocrat, blue blood

Broader (hypernym)leader

Narrower (hyponym)baronet, Bart, brahman, brahmin, female aristocrat, Highness, male aristocrat, prince, princess, raja, rajah, ranee, rani

Member meronymaristocracy, nobility

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