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English noun: correction

1. correction (act) the act of offering an improvement to replace a mistake; setting right


Broader (hypernym)improvement

Narrower (hyponym)amendment, compensation, emendation, recompense, redress, remediation, remedy, retribution

2. correction (quantity) a quantity that is added or subtracted in order to increase the accuracy of a scientific measure

Synonymsfudge factor

Broader (hypernym)indefinite quantity

3. correction (communication) something substituted for an error

Broader (hypernym)editing, redaction

Narrower (hyponym)erasure

4. correction (communication) a rebuke for making a mistake

Synonymschastening, chastisement

Broader (hypernym)rebuke, reprehension, reprimand, reproof, reproval

5. correction (attribute) a drop in stock market activity or stock prices following a period of increases

SamplesMarket runups are invariably followed by a correction.

Broader (hypernym)dip, drop, fall, free fall

6. correction (act) the act of punishing

SamplesThe offenders deserved the harsh discipline they received.


Broader (hypernym)penalisation, penalization, penalty, punishment

Narrower (hyponym)spanking

7. correction (act) treatment of a specific defect

SamplesThe correction of his vision with eye glasses.

Broader (hypernym)therapy

Narrower (hyponym)fusion, spinal fusion

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