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English noun: vessel

1. vessel (body) a tube in which a body fluid circulates


Broader (hypernym)tube, tube-shaped structure

Narrower (hyponym)blood vessel

Part meronymvascular system

2. vessel (artifact) a craft designed for water transportation


Broader (hypernym)craft

Narrower (hyponym)bareboat, boat, fishing boat, fishing smack, fishing vessel, galley, galley, ice yacht, iceboat, patrol boat, patrol ship, racing yacht, sailing ship, sailing vessel, scooter, ship, shrimper, weather ship, yacht

Instance hyponymMerrimac, Monitor

Part holonymanchor, bilge, bilge keel, bow, fore, ground tackle, hull, prow, rudder, splashboard, stem, strake, wale, washboard

Domain category membersclench, clinch

3. vessel (artifact) an object used as a container (especially for liquids)

Broader (hypernym)container

Narrower (hyponym)autoclave, barrel, basin, bath, bath, bathing tub, bathtub, bedpan, boiler, bone-ash cup, bottle, bottle, bowl, bucket, butter churn, cask, censer, churn, crucible, cupel, drinking vessel, drum, ewer, eye cup, eyebath, eyecup, feeding bottle, flagon, jar, ladle, melting pot, metal drum, monstrance, mortar, muller, nursing bottle, ostensorium, pail, pitcher, poacher, pot, refractory pot, retort, steam boiler, steeper, steriliser, sterilizer, storage tank, tank, thurible, tin, tub, tub, urceole, vat, water jacket, well

Part holonymbase, brim, lip, rim

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