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English noun: medallion

1. medallion (possession) any of various large ancient Greek coins

Broader (hypernym)coin

2. medallion (food) a circular helping of food (especially a boneless cut of meat)

SamplesMedallions of veal.

Broader (hypernym)helping, portion, serving

3. medallion (communication) an emblem indicating that a taxicab is registered

Broader (hypernym)allegory, emblem

4. medallion (communication) an award for winning a championship or commemorating some other event

Synonymsdecoration, laurel wreath, medal, palm, ribbon

Broader (hypernym)accolade, award, honor, honour, laurels

Narrower (hyponym)Air Medal, Bronze Star, Bronze Star Medal, Congressional Medal of Honor, Croix de Guerre, Distinguished Conduct Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross, Distinguished Service Cross, Distinguished Service Medal, Distinguished Service Order, Medaille Militaire, Medal of Honor, Navy Cross, Oak Leaf Cluster, Order of the Purple Heart, Purple Heart, Silver Star, Silver Star Medal, Victoria Cross

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