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English noun: chief justice

1. chief justice (person) the judge who presides over a supreme court

Broader (hypernym)judge, jurist, justice

Instance hyponymBurger, Charles Evans Hughes, Chase, Earl Warren, Edward D. White, Edward Douglas White Jr., Edward White, Ellsworth, Frederick Moore Vinson, Fuller, Harlan F. Stone, Harlan Fisk Stone, Harlan Stone, Hughes, Jay, John Jay, John Marshall, John Rutledge, Marshall, Melville W. Fuller, Melville Weston Fuller, Morrison R. Waite, Morrison Remick Waite, Morrison Waite, Oliver Ellsworth, President Taft, Rehnquist, Roger Brooke Taney, Roger Taney, Rutledge, Salmon P. Chase, Salmon Portland Chase, Stone, Taft, Taney, Vinson, Waite, Warren, Warren Burger, Warren E. Burger, Warren Earl Burger, White, William Howard Taft, William Hubbs Rehnquist, William Rehnquist

Domain categoryjurisprudence, law

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