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English noun: garment

1. garment (artifact) an article of clothing

SamplesGarments of the finest silk.

Broader (hypernym)article of clothing, clothing, habiliment, vesture, wear, wearable

Narrower (hyponym)bathing costume, bathing suit, body suit, breechcloth, breechclout, burka, burqa, camlet, cat suit, diaper, fur, gown, haick, haik, hand-me-down, head covering, hose, ironing, jump suit, jumper, jumpsuit, kanzu, laundry, leg covering, legging, leging, leotard, loincloth, mending, motley, napkin, nappy, neckwear, outer garment, overgarment, pant, peplos, peplum, peplus, raglan, reversible, robe, romper, romper suit, sackcloth, scapular, scapulary, scarf, scrubs, sealskin, separate, shirt, silks, skirt, stomacher, straightjacket, straitjacket, suit, suit of clothes, sunsuit, surgical gown, swaddling bands, swaddling clothes, sweat suit, sweater, sweats, sweatsuit, swimming costume, swimsuit, swimwear, trouser, trouser, undergarment, unitard, unmentionable, veil, vest, waistcoat, wash, washables, washing, weeds, wet suit, widow's weeds, workout suit, wraparound

Part holonymarm, armhole, band, banding, bosom, button hole, buttonhole, dag, dart, eyehole, eyelet, fly, fly front, gusset, hipline, inset, jag, jag, liner, lining, neck, neck opening, pocket, shoulder, skirt, sleeve, stripe, yoke

English verb: garment

1. garment (body) provide with clothes or put clothes on

SamplesParents must feed and dress their child.

Synonymsapparel, clothe, dress, enclothe, fit out, garb, habilitate, raiment, tog

Pattern of useSomebody ----s something.
Somebody ----s somebody

Broader (hypernym)change state, turn

Narrower (hyponym)coat, corset, costume, cover, dress up, frock, gown, habit, jacket, overclothe, overdress, prim, prim out, prim up, robe, shirt, shoe, underdress, vest, vesture, wrap up

Verb groupdress, get dressed

Antonymsdiscase, disrobe, strip down, uncase, undress, strip, peel, unclothe

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