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English adjective: leaning

1. leaning departing or being caused to depart from the true vertical or horizontal

SamplesThe leaning tower of Pisa.
The headstones were tilted.

Synonymsatilt, canted, tilted, tipped


Antonymshorizontal, vertical, perpendicular

English noun: leaning

1. leaning (feeling) an inclination to do something

SamplesHe felt leanings toward frivolity.

Synonymspropensity, tendency

Broader (hypernym)inclination

2. leaning (cognition) a natural inclination

SamplesHe has a proclivity for exaggeration.

Synonymsproclivity, propensity

Broader (hypernym)disposition, inclination, tendency

3. leaning (attribute) the property possessed by a line or surface that departs from the vertical

SamplesThe tower had a pronounced tilt.
The ship developed a list to starboard.
He walked with a heavy inclination to the right.

Synonymsinclination, lean, list, tilt

Broader (hypernym)position, spatial relation

4. leaning (act) the act of deviating from a vertical position

Broader (hypernym)act, deed, human action, human activity

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