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English noun: sharpness

1. sharpness (cognition) a quick and penetrating intelligence

SamplesHe argued with great acuteness.
I admired the keenness of his mind.

Synonymsacuity, acuteness, keenness

Broader (hypernym)intelligence

Narrower (hyponym)steel trap

2. sharpness (attribute) the attribute of urgency in tone of voice

SamplesHis voice had an edge to it.


Broader (hypernym)urgency

3. sharpness (attribute) a strong odor or taste property

SamplesThe pungency of mustard.
The sulfurous bite of garlic.
The sharpness of strange spices.
The raciness of the wine.

Synonymsbite, pungency, raciness

Broader (hypernym)spice, spicery, spiciness

4. sharpness (attribute) the quality of being keenly and painfully felt

SamplesThe sharpness of her loss.

Broader (hypernym)distressingness, painfulness

5. sharpness (attribute) thinness of edge or fineness of point


Broader (hypernym)configuration, conformation, contour, form, shape

Narrower (hyponym)acuteness


Antonymsbluntness, dullness

6. sharpness (attribute) the quality of being sharp and clear


Broader (hypernym)clarity, clearness, uncloudedness

Narrower (hyponym)definition, discernability, focus, legibility

Antonymsblurriness, fuzziness, indistinctness, fogginess, softness

7. sharpness (attribute) harshness of manner


Broader (hypernym)ill nature

Antonymsbluntness, dullness

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