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English noun: philosophy

1. philosophy (cognition) a belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by some group or school

Synonymsdoctrine, ism, philosophical system, school of thought

Broader (hypernym)belief

Narrower (hyponym)abolitionism, absolutism, amoralism, animalism, animism, antiestablishmentarianism, antiestablishmentism, asceticism, Cabalism, church doctrine, commandment, contextualism, creationism, credo, creed, creed, democracy, descriptivism, descriptivism, divine right, divine right of kings, dogma, dualism, dynamism, egalitarianism, epicureanism, equalitarianism, establishmentarianism, establishmentism, ethicism, expansionism, feminism, formalism, freethinking, functionalism, Girondism, gospel, gospel, gymnosophy, humanism, humanism, humanitarianism, imitation, individualism, internationalism, irredentism, irridentism, Kabbalism, laissez faire, literalism, majority rule, millennium, monism, multiculturalism, nationalism, nationalism, nihilism, nuclear deterrence, pacificism, pacifism, passivism, phenomenology, philosophical doctrine, philosophical theory, pluralism, populism, precept, prescriptivism, prescriptivism, presentism, rationalism, reformism, reincarnationism, religious doctrine, secessionism, secular humanism, secularism, states' rights, teaching, theological doctrine, unilateralism, utilitarianism

2. philosophy (cognition) the rational investigation of questions about existence and knowledge and ethics

Broader (hypernym)arts, humanistic discipline, humanities, liberal arts

Narrower (hyponym)aesthetics, aetiology, axiology, dialectic, epistemology, esthetics, ethics, etiology, jurisprudence, law, legal philosophy, logic, metaphysics, moral philosophy, transcendental philosophy, transcendentalism

Domain category membersaesthetic, Aristotelianism, deconstruction, deconstructionism, determinism, dianoetic, discursive, empiricism, empiricist philosophy, esthetic, existential philosophy, existentialism, existentialist philosophy, final cause, formalism, idealism, immanent, intuitionism, logicism, materialism, mechanism, mentalism, naive realism, nativism, naturalism, nominalism, operationalism, peripateticism, philosopher, physicalism, Platonism, pragmatism, presentational, probabilism, rationalism, realism, realism, relativism, semiology, semiotics, sensationalism, sensationalism, sensualism, solipsism, Stoicism, subjective, subjectivism, teleology, transeunt, transient, vitalism

3. philosophy (cognition) any personal belief about how to live or how to deal with a situation

SamplesSelf-indulgence was his only philosophy.
My father's philosophy of child-rearing was to let mother do it.

Broader (hypernym)belief

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