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English noun: placement

1. placement (attribute) the spatial property of the way in which something is placed

SamplesThe arrangement of the furniture.
The placement of the chairs.


Broader (hypernym)position, spatial relation

Narrower (hyponym)alignment, balance, columniation, composing, composition, fenestration, formation, misalignment, proportion, proportionality, ramification, spacing, spatial arrangement, tandem

2. placement (act) contact established between applicants and prospective employees

SamplesThe agency provided placement services.

Broader (hypernym)contact

3. placement (act) the act of putting something in a certain place

Synonymsemplacement, locating, location, position, positioning

Broader (hypernym)activity

Narrower (hyponym)apposition, collocation, fingering, implantation, interposition, intervention, juxtaposition, orientation, planting, repositioning, set, stratification, superposition, superposition

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