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English noun: temperament

1. temperament (attribute) your usual mood

SamplesHe has a happy disposition.


Broader (hypernym)nature

Narrower (hyponym)agreeability, agreeableness, aloneness, animalism, blood, bloodiness, bloodthirstiness, calm, calmness, composure, disagreeableness, discomposure, epicurism, equanimity, esprit de corps, friendliness, good nature, gourmandism, heart, ill nature, involuntariness, loneliness, lonesomeness, moodiness, morale, nervousness, optimism, perfectionism, permissiveness, pessimism, physicality, restrictiveness, solitariness, spirit, team spirit, tolerance, unfriendliness, unpermissiveness, unsociability, unsociableness, unwillingness, willingness

Part holonymcheer, cheerfulness, sunniness, sunshine, uncheerfulness

Attributeunwilling, willing

2. temperament (attribute) excessive emotionalism or irritability and excitability (especially when displayed openly)

Broader (hypernym)emotionalism, emotionality

3. temperament (act) an adjustment of the intervals (as in tuning a keyboard instrument) so that the scale can be used to play in different keys

Broader (hypernym)adjustment, readjustment, registration

Narrower (hyponym)equal temperament

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