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English noun: displacement

1. displacement (act) act of taking the place of another especially using underhanded tactics


Broader (hypernym)replacement, replacing

2. displacement (event) an event in which something is displaced without rotation


Broader (hypernym)translation

Narrower (hyponym)amplitude, luxation

3. displacement (act) the act of uniform movement


Broader (hypernym)motion, move, movement

4. displacement (process) (chemistry) a reaction in which an elementary substance displaces and sets free a constituent element from a compound

Synonymsdisplacement reaction

Broader (hypernym)chemical reaction, reaction

Domain categorychemical science, chemistry

5. displacement (process) (psychiatry) a defense mechanism that transfers affect or reaction from the original object to some more acceptable one

Broader (hypernym)defence, defence mechanism, defence reaction, defense, defense mechanism, defense reaction

Narrower (hyponym)transference

Domain categorypsychiatry, psychological medicine, psychopathology

6. displacement (act) to move something from its natural environment


Broader (hypernym)movement

7. displacement (act) act of removing from office or employment

Broader (hypernym)rejection

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