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English adjective: reverend

1. reverend worthy of adoration or reverence



Antonymsprofane, secular

English noun: reverend

1. reverend (person) a member of the clergy and a spiritual leader of the Christian Church

Synonymsclergyman, man of the cloth

Broader (hypernym)spiritual leader

Narrower (hyponym)acolyte, anagnost, archdeacon, chaplain, churchman, cleric, curate, deacon, divine, domine, dominee, dominie, dominus, doorkeeper, ecclesiastic, lector, minister, minister of religion, officiant, ordinand, ordinary, ostiarius, ostiary, parson, pastor, postulator, preacher, preacher man, priest, reader, rector, sermoniser, sermonizer, shepherd, subdeacon, vicar, vicar

Instance hyponymBeecher, Charles Wesley, Donne, Henry Ward Beecher, John Donne, John Keble, John Wesley, Keble, King, Martin Luther King, Martin Luther King Jr., Roger Williams, Wesley, Wesley, Williams

Member meronymclergy

Antonymslayman, layperson, secular

2. Reverend (communication) a title of respect for a clergyman

Broader (hypernym)form of address, title, title of respect

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