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Engelsk navneord: raspberry

1. raspberry (om plante) woody brambles bearing usually red but sometimes black or yellow fruits that separate from the receptacle when ripe and are rounder and smaller than blackberries

Termer med samme betydning (synonymer)raspberry bush

Mindre specifikke termerbramble bush

Mere specifikke termerbakeapple, baked-apple berry, black raspberry, blackcap, blackcap raspberry, cloudberry, dwarf mulberry, flowering raspberry, purple-flowering raspberry, red raspberry, Rubus chamaemorus, Rubus occidentalis, Rubus odoratus, Rubus parviflorus, Rubus phoenicolasius, Rubus spectabilis, salmon berry, salmonberry, salmonberry, salmonberry, thimbleberry, thimbleberry, thimbleberry, wineberry

2. raspberry (om mad) red or black edible aggregate berries usually smaller than the related blackberries

Mindre specifikke termerberry, drupelet

Omfatter disse overordnede termerAmerican raspberry, black raspberry, blackcap, blackcap raspberry, Rubus idaeus strigosus, Rubus occidentalis, Rubus strigosus, thimbleberry

3. raspberry (om kommunikation) a cry or noise made to express displeasure or contempt

Termer med samme betydning (synonymer)bird, boo, Bronx cheer, hiss, hoot, razz, razzing, snort

Mindre specifikke termercall, cry, outcry, shout, vociferation, yell

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