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English noun: Tb

1. Tb (substance) a metallic element of the rare earth group; used in lasers; occurs in apatite and monazite and xenotime and ytterbite

Synonymsatomic number 65, terbium

Broader (hypernym)metal, metallic element

Substance meronymapatite, gadolinite, monazite, ytterbite

2. TB (state) infection transmitted by inhalation or ingestion of tubercle bacilli and manifested in fever and small lesions (usually in the lungs but in various other parts of the body in acute stages)

SynonymsT.B., tuberculosis

Broader (hypernym)infectious disease

Narrower (hyponym)consumption, king's evil, lupus vulgaris, miliary tuberculosis, phthisis, Pott's disease, pulmonary tuberculosis, scrofula, struma, wasting disease, white plague

3. Tb (quantity) a unit of information equal to 1000 gigabits or 10^12 (1,000,000,000,000) bits

SynonymsTbit, terabit

Broader (hypernym)computer memory unit

Part holonymGb, Gbit, gigabit

Part meronymPb, Pbit, petabit

4. TB (quantity) a unit of information equal to 1000 gigabytes or 10^12 (1,000,000,000,000) bytes


Broader (hypernym)computer memory unit

Part holonymG, GB, gigabyte

Part meronymPB, petabyte

5. TB (quantity) a unit of information equal to 1024 gibibytes or 2^40 (1,099,511,627,776) bytes

Synonymstebibyte, terabyte, TiB

Broader (hypernym)computer memory unit

Part holonymG, GB, GiB, gibibyte, gigabyte

Part meronymPB, pebibyte, petabyte, PiB

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