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English noun: restraint

1. restraint (act) the act of controlling by restraining someone or something

SamplesThe unlawful restraint of trade.

Broader (hypernym)control

Narrower (hyponym)bridle, check, collar, confinement, confinement, containment, curb, curtailment, damper, immobilisation, immobilization, immobilizing, leash, restraint of trade, restriction, suppression

2. restraint (attribute) discipline in personal and social activities

SamplesHe was a model of polite restraint.
She never lost control of herself.


Broader (hypernym)discipline

Narrower (hyponym)continence, inhibition, moderation, self-restraint, temperance, temperateness


3. restraint (state) the state of being physically constrained

SamplesDogs should be kept under restraint.


Broader (hypernym)confinement

Narrower (hyponym)cage

4. restraint (cognition) a rule or condition that limits freedom

SamplesLegal restraints.
Restraints imposed on imports.

Broader (hypernym)limitation, restriction

Narrower (hyponym)floodgate

5. restraint (attribute) lack of ornamentation

SamplesThe room was simply decorated with great restraint.

Synonymschasteness, simpleness, simplicity

Broader (hypernym)plainness

6. restraint (artifact) a device that retards something's motion

SamplesThe car did not have proper restraints fitted.


Broader (hypernym)device

Narrower (hyponym)air bag, airbrake, arrester, arrester hook, band, bond, brake, brake, brake pad, brake shoe, catch, chain, dive brake, drogue, fastener, fastening, fixing, gag, hamper, holdfast, ignition lock, lead, leash, life belt, lock, muzzle, muzzle, safety belt, safety harness, sea anchor, shackle, shoe, skid, stop, tether, trammel, trammel

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