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English adjective: multiple

1. multiple having or involving or consisting of more than one part or entity or individual

SamplesMultiple birth.
Multiple ownership.
Made multiple copies of the speech.
His multiple achievements in public life.
Her multiple personalities.
A pineapple is a multiple fruit.

Similaraggregate, bigeminal, binary, denary, double, double, double, doubled, dual, dual, duple, duplex, eight-fold, eightfold, five-fold, fivefold, four-fold, four-fold, fourfold, fourfold, manifold, multiplex, nine-fold, ninefold, nonuple, octuple, quadruple, quadruple, quadruplex, quadruplicate, quaternary, quaternate, quintuple, septuple, seven-fold, sevenfold, sextuple, six-fold, sixfold, ten-fold, tenfold, ternary, three-fold, three-fold, threefold, threefold, treble, treble, treble, triple, triple, triplex, triune, two-fold, two-fold, twofold, twofold


English noun: multiple

1. multiple (cognition) the product of a quantity by an integer

Samples36 is a multiple of 9.

Broader (hypernym)mathematical product, product

Narrower (hyponym)double, lcm, least common multiple, lowest common multiple, quadruple, triple

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