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English adjective: unclothed

1. unclothed not wearing clothing

Similarau naturel, bare, bare-ass, bare-assed, bare-breasted, bared, bareheaded, barelegged, bottomless, braless, clothesless, en deshabille, exposed, garmentless, half-clothed, in dishabille, in one's birthday suit, in the altogether, in the buff, in the raw, in your birthday suit, mother-naked, naked, naked as a jaybird, naked as the day one was born, naked as the day you were born, nude, off-the-shoulder, peeled, raimentless, raw, scantily clad, seminude, stark naked, starkers, stripped, topless, unappareled, unattired, unclad, uncovered, underclothed, undressed, ungarbed, ungarmented, without a stitch

See alsounadorned, undecorated

Antonymsclad, clothed

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