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English adjective: clad

1. clad wearing or provided with clothing; sometimes used in combination

SamplesClothed and in his right mind.
Proud of her well-clothed family.
Nurses clad in white.
White-clad nurses.


Similarappareled, arrayed, attired, breeched, bundled-up, caparisoned, cassocked, coated, costumed, cowled, dighted, dolled up, dressed, dressed, dressed to kill, dressed to the nines, dressed-up, garbed, garmented, gowned, habilimented, habited, heavy-coated, lobster-backed, overdressed, panoplied, pantalooned, petticoated, red-coated, robed, spiffed up, spruced up, suited, surpliced, togged, togged up, trousered, turned out, tuxedoed, underdressed, uniformed, vestmented

See alsoadorned, decorated


2. clad having an outer covering especially of thin metal



Antonymsunsheathed, bare

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