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English noun: accumulation

1. accumulation (process) an increase by natural growth or addition


Broader (hypernym)growth, increase, increment

Narrower (hyponym)backup, buildup, deposit, deposition

2. accumulation (group) several things grouped together or considered as a whole

Synonymsaggregation, assemblage, collection

Broader (hypernym)group, grouping

Narrower (hyponym)agglomerate, agglomeration, air power, ana, armamentarium, art collection, Asia, assortment, aviation, backlog, batch, batch, battery, biology, biota, block, book, book, botany, bottle collection, bunch, bundle, caboodle, category, Central America, class, clutch, coin collection, collage, combination, congregation, content, convoy, corpus, crop, cumulation, cumulus, data, deal, defence, defense, defense lawyers, defense team, ensemble, Europe, exhibition, expo, exposition, extragalactic nebula, family, fauna, findings, flagging, fleet, fleet, fleet, flinders, flora, Free World, GAAP, galaxy, galaxy, generally accepted accounting principles, gimmickry, hand, heap, herbarium, hit parade, information, job lot, Judaica, jurisprudence, kludge, law, library, library, long suit, lot, mail, mass, menagerie, miscellanea, miscellany, mixed bag, mixture, motley, mound, mythology, North America, nuclear club, Oort cloud, pack, package, packet, pantheon, parcel, petting zoo, pharmacopoeia, pile, planting, population, post, potpourri, procession, program library, prosecution, repertoire, repertoire, repertory, repertory, rogue's gallery, rule book, salmagundi, set, signage, smithereens, smorgasbord, South America, stamp collection, statuary, string, subroutine library, sum, sum total, summation, tenantry, Third World, tout ensemble, traffic, treasure, treasure trove, trinketry, troponomy, troponymy, universe, variety, vegetation, Victoriana, wardrobe, wardrobe, zoology

Instance hyponymMagi, Nag Hammadi, Nag Hammadi Library, Wise Men

3. accumulation (act) the act of accumulating

Synonymsaccrual, accruement

Broader (hypernym)increase, step-up

Narrower (hyponym)buildup

4. accumulation (possession) (finance) profits that are not paid out as dividends but are added to the capital base of the corporation

Broader (hypernym)earnings, lucre, net, net income, net profit, profit, profits

Narrower (hyponym)backlog, fund, reserve, stock, stockpile, store

Domain categoryfinance

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