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English adjective: cinnabar

1. cinnabar of a vivid red to reddish-orange color

SynonymsChinese-red, vermilion, vermillion


Antonymsachromatic, neutral

English noun: cinnabar

1. cinnabar (substance) a heavy reddish mineral consisting of mercuric sulfide; the chief source of mercury

Broader (hypernym)mineral

Substance holonymatomic number 80, Hg, hydrargyrum, mercury, quicksilver

2. cinnabar (animal) large red-and-black European moth; larvae feed on leaves of ragwort; introduced into United States to control ragwort

SynonymsCallimorpha jacobeae, cinnabar moth

Broader (hypernym)arctiid, arctiid moth

Member meronymCallimorpha, genus Callimorpha

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