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English noun: worm family

1. worm family (animal) a family of worms

Broader (hypernym)family

Narrower (hyponym)Ancylostomatidae, Ascaridae, Branchiobdellidae, Cephalobidae, Dracunculidae, family Ancylostomatidae, family Ascaridae, family Branchiobdellidae, family Cephalobidae, family Dracunculidae, family Fasciolidae, family Filariidae, family Hirudinidae, family Oxyuridae, family Schistosomatidae, family Taeniidae, family Terebellidae, family Tylenchidae, Fasciolidae, Filariidae, Hirudinidae, Oxyuridae, Schistosomatidae, Taeniidae, Terebellidae, Tylenchidae

Member meronymanimal kingdom, Animalia, kingdom Animalia

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