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English noun: coca

1. coca (plant) a South American shrub whose leaves are chewed by natives of the Andes; a source of cocaine

Synonymscoca plant, Erythroxylon coca

Broader (hypernym)bush, shrub

Member meronymErythroxylon, Erythroxylum, genus Erythroxylon, genus Erythroxylum

2. Coca (person) United States comedienne who starred in early television shows with Sid Caesar (1908-2001)

SynonymsImogene Coca

Instance hypernymcomedienne

3. coca (artifact) dried leaves of the coca plant (and related plants that also contain cocaine); chewed by Andean people for their stimulating effect

Broader (hypernym)plant product

Substance holonymcocain, cocaine

Domain categoryflora, plant, plant life

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