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English adjective: cyclic

1. cyclic conforming to the Carnot cycle

Domain categorythermodynamics

2. cyclic forming a whorl or having parts arranged in a whorl

SamplesCyclic petals.
Cyclic flowers.

Similarverticillate, verticillated, whorled

Domain categorybotany, phytology


3. cyclic of a compound having atoms arranged in a ring structure

Similarbicyclic, closed-chain, closed-ring, heterocyclic, homocyclic, isocyclic

Domain categorychemical science, chemistry

Antonymsopen-chain, acyclic

4. cyclic recurring in cycles


Similaralternate, alternate, alternating, circular, orbitual, rotary

Attributecyclicity, periodicity

Antonymsnoncyclic, noncyclical

5. cyclic marked by repeated cycles

Similarperiodic, periodical

Antonymsaperiodic, nonperiodic

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