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Engelsk navneord: art

1. art (om genstand) the products of human creativity; works of art collectively

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningAn art exhibition.
A fine collection of art.

Termer med samme betydning (synonymer)fine art

Mindre specifikke termercreation

Mere specifikke termerartificial flower, commercial art, cyberart, dance, decoupage, diptych, gem, genre, graphic art, grotesque, kitsch, mosaic, plastic art, treasure, triptych, work of art

Overordnet emneområdeart, artistic creation, artistic production

2. art (om handling) the creation of beautiful or significant things

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningArt does not need to be innovative to be good.
I was never any good at art.
He said that architecture is the art of wasting space beautifully.

Termer med samme betydning (synonymer)artistic creation, artistic production

Mindre specifikke termercreation, creative activity

Mere specifikke termerarts and crafts, carving, ceramics, decalcomania, decoupage, drafting, draftsmanship, drawing, gastronomy, glyptography, origami, painting, perfumery, printmaking, sculpture, topiary

Indenfor samme emneområdeaesthetics, Americana, appraiser, aquatint, art, authenticator, blazon, cartoon, cathartic, celluloid, chalk out, charcoal, charge, cinema, conventionalize, deaccession, depict, depict, distemper, doldrums, draw, emblazon, engrave, ensemble, esthetics, etch, etch, exhibition, expo, exposition, expressive style, fill in, film, fine art, finger-paint, formalised, formalistic, formalized, fresco, ground, idealogue, illuminate, illustrate, interpret, limn, lithograph, longueur, miniate, miniate, model, model, moderne, mold, mould, nonrepresentational, paint, paint, picture, pop, popular, portray, portray, pose, posture, present, releasing, render, repaint, represent, rubricate, sculpt, sculpture, shade, show, silkscreen, sit, sketch, stagnancy, stagnation, stencil, stipple, stipple, style, stylise, stylize, talaria, tension, theoretician, theoriser, theorist, theorizer, tout ensemble, vocabulary, watercolor, watercolour

3. art (om erkendelse) a superior skill that you can learn by study and practice and observation

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningThe art of conversation.
It's quite an art.

Termer med samme betydning (synonymer)artistry, prowess

Mindre specifikke termersuperior skill

Mere specifikke termerairmanship, aviation, enology, eristic, falconry, fortification, homiletics, horology, minstrelsy, musicianship, oenology, puppetry, taxidermy, telescopy, ventriloquism, ventriloquy

4. art (om kommunikation) photographs or other visual representations in a printed publication

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningThe publisher was responsible for all the artwork in the book.

Termer med samme betydning (synonymer)artwork, graphics, nontextual matter

Mindre specifikke termervisual communication

Mere specifikke termerdrawing, illustration

Omfatter disse overordnede termerpublication

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