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Engelsk adjektiv: worse

1. worse (comparative of `bad') inferior to another in quality or condition or desirability

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningThis road is worse than the first one we took.
The road is in worse shape than it was.
She was accused of worse things than cheating and lying.

Uttrykk med lignende betydningworsened

Overordnet anvendelsecomparative, comparative degree

Uttrykk med motsatt betydning (antonymer)better

2. worse changed for the worse in health or fitness

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningI feel worse today.
Her cold is worse.

Ord med samme betydning (synonymer)worsened

Uttrykk med motsatt betydning (antonymer)better

Engelsk substantiv: worse

1. worse (om egenskap) something inferior in quality or condition or effect

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningFor better or for worse.
Accused of cheating and lying and worse.

Mindre spesifikke uttrykkbad, badness

Engelsk adverb: worse

1. worse (comparative of `ill') in a less effective or successful or desirable manner

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningHe did worse on the second exam.

Overordnet anvendelsecomparative, comparative degree

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