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English noun: roaster

1. roaster (person) a harsh or humorous critic (sometimes intended as a facetious compliment)

SamplesThe honoree gave his roasters as good as he got.

Broader (hypernym)critic

Domain usagehumor, humour, wit, witticism, wittiness

2. roaster (person) a cook who roasts food

Broader (hypernym)cook

Narrower (hyponym)baster

3. roaster (food) flesh of a large young chicken over 3 1/2 lb suitable for roasting

Broader (hypernym)chicken, poulet, volaille

Narrower (hyponym)Oven Stuffer, Oven Stuffer Roaster

4. roaster (artifact) a special cooking pan for roasting

Broader (hypernym)cooking pan, pan

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