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English noun: Providence

1. Providence (location) the capital and largest city of Rhode Island; located in northeastern Rhode Island on Narragansett Bay; site of Brown University

Synonymscapital of Rhode Island

Instance hypernymstate capital

Part meronymLittle Rhody, Ocean State, Rhode Island, RI

2. providence (act) the guardianship and control exercised by a deity

SamplesDivine providence.

Broader (hypernym)care, charge, guardianship, tutelage

3. providence (state) a manifestation of God's foresightful care for his creatures

Broader (hypernym)circumstances, destiny, fate, fortune, lot, luck, portion

4. providence (attribute) the prudence and care exercised by someone in the management of resources

Broader (hypernym)prudence

Narrower (hyponym)foresight, foresightedness, foresightfulness

Antonymsimprovidence, shortsightedness

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