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English noun: personnel

1. personnel (group) group of people willing to obey orders

SamplesA public force is necessary to give security to the rights of citizens.


Broader (hypernym)organisation, organization

Narrower (hyponym)armed forces, armed service, armed services, constabulary, guerilla force, guerrilla force, hands, law, line personnel, management personnel, manpower, men, military, military machine, military personnel, military police, military service, MP, paramilitary, paramilitary force, paramilitary organisation, paramilitary organization, paramilitary unit, patrol, police, police force, private security force, rank, rank and file, security force, service, soldiery, staff, troops, war machine, work force, workforce

2. personnel (group) the department responsible for hiring and training and placing employees and for setting policies for personnel management

Synonymspersonnel department, personnel office, staff office

Broader (hypernym)department, section

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