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English adjective: integrated

1. integrated formed or united into a whole

Synonymsincorporate, incorporated, merged, unified



2. integrated formed into a whole or introduced into another entity

SamplesA more closely integrated economic and political system.
An integrated Europe.

Similarco-ordinated, coordinated, embedded, incorporated, interconnected, introjected, tight-knit, tightly knit, unified

Antonymsnonintegrated, unintegrated

3. integrated not segregated; designated as available to all races or groups

SamplesIntegrated schools.

Similarco-ed, coeducational, desegrated, interracial, mainstreamed, mixed, nonsegregated, unsegregated

See alsointegrative, joint, united

Antonymssegregated, unintegrated

4. integrated resembling a living organism in organization or development

SamplesSociety as an integrated whole.




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