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English adjective: divided

1. divided separated into parts or pieces

SamplesOpinions are divided.

Similarbicameral, bifid, bifurcate, bifurcated, bilocular, biloculate, biramous, bisulcate, black-and-white, branched, chambered, cloven, dichotomous, disconnected, disjointed, disjunct, disunited, episodic, forficate, fork-like, forked, four-pronged, fragmented, many-chambered, metameric, mullioned, pentamerous, pronged, pronged, prongy, sectional, sectioned, segmental, segmental, segmented, split, three-pronged, tined, torn, trifid, two-chambered, two-pronged

See alsodistributive, segregated, separate, unintegrated


2. divided having a median strip or island between lanes of traffic moving in opposite directions

SamplesA divided highway.




3. divided distributed in portions (often equal) on the basis of a plan or purpose

Synonymsdivided up, shared, shared out



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