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English adjective: cloudy

1. cloudy lacking definite form or limits

SamplesGropes among cloudy issues toward a feeble conclusion.
Nebulous distinction between pride and conceit.

Synonymsnebulose, nebulous



2. cloudy full of or covered with clouds

SamplesCloudy skies.

Similarbrumous, cloud-covered, clouded, cloudlike, dull, fogbound, foggy, hazy, heavy, leaden, lowering, miasmal, miasmic, misty, nebular, overcast, smoggy, sullen, sunless, threatening, vaporous, vapourous

Domain categorymeteorology


3. cloudy (of liquids) clouded as with sediment

SamplesA cloudy liquid.
Muddy coffee.
Murky waters.

Synonymsmirky, muddy, murky, turbid



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