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English noun: crock

1. crock (substance) a black colloidal substance consisting wholly or principally of amorphous carbon and used to make pigments and ink

Synonymscarbon black, lampblack, smut, soot

Broader (hypernym)atomic number 6, C, carbon

2. crock (communication) nonsense; foolish talk

SamplesThat's a crock.

Broader (hypernym)bunk, hokum, meaninglessness, nonsense, nonsensicality

3. crock (artifact) an earthen jar (made of baked clay)

Synonymsearthenware jar

Broader (hypernym)jar

English verb: crock

1. crock (motion) release color when rubbed, of badly dyed fabric

Pattern of useSomething ----s

Broader (hypernym)bleed, run

2. crock (contact) soil with or as with crock

Pattern of useSomebody ----s something.
Something ----s something

Broader (hypernym)begrime, bemire, colly, dirty, grime, soil

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